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The Aquarius Smart Oximeter brings health and wellbeing to every home.

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Bpm Pulse rate range

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Sp02 Range

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Health Simplified.
The Aquarius Smart Oximeter offers the essential task of on the spot Sp02 and pulse rate readings. The straightforward design means the product can produce a result within seconds, simply place firmly onto the finger and press the start button, the Aquarius Oximeter will do the rest. The large LED screen allows for ease of reading and understanding, enabling checkups to commence in a timely fashion. 
With the Sp02 measurement reading range being within 70% - 99% (1% resolution) the Oximeter can produce a reading even if the blood perfusion index is as low as 0.2%. The pulse rate range offers readings between 30-240bpm (1bpm resolution). Note that the Sp02 reading will be adversely affected and may give inaccurate readings if taken in high ambient or direct sunlight. 
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Quality material.

The Aquarius Smart Oximeter is made of medical grade silicone, which makes it non-toxic and hypoallergenic to the skin of the patient. As a result of the care taken in the production of the Oximeter, the product can be used in family situations, hospital and clinic environments as well as paramedic kits etc. 

Infrared shielding.

Adding to all the considerations Aquarius has made to make the Smart Oximeter stand apart from its competitors, we have found the product with solid ABS plastic which is able to block 99% of ambient infrared rays coming through to the patient.  
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Durable design.
The Oximeter has been developed with the user in mind, thus it has a smart spring system adjustable to the shape and size of the patient's finger, this ensures comfort and accuracy in readings with a fitted and comfortable hold. 
Portable & durable.
The Smart Oximeter has been designed to be light weight and portable for ease of use. The product uses 2 AAA batteries and boasts a long shelf life with low battery power consumption, making it the perfect medical partner.