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Introducing our premiere Smart Home Video Doorbell, the new 21st-century butler.

from £89.90

Wireless & Connected.

The wireless technology means simplifying the system so that you have everything you need and nothing you don’t. The installation of the app to any supported smartphone device allows the user to receive notifications when the doorbell has been pressed or the motion sensor has been activated. The Smart Home Video Doorbell comes with two 18650 batteries and slots to connect a charger to the device when needed. 

Intelligent video.

The Aquarius Smart Home Video Doorbell represents the best smart and competitive tech available. Boasting a 166-degree view of your front door area, the doorbell delivers 720HD real-time video recordings of the happenings directly outside the users home. The development of the downloadable app means the user can receive real-time updates of the exterior of their homes whenever and wherever.
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MotionNight vision.

The Aquarius Smart Home Video Doorbell comes programmed with smart night vision capabilities, offering Infrared LED vision in low light situations. Another invaluable addition is the motion detection features which offer the user alerts when the motion sensors have been activated. Over and above this the wireless design aids in an easy installation process while remaining secure with the product including its own anti-theft screw as well as pressure point pin on the rear of the device that triggers an alarm when removed from its mount. 

Voice control putting 

you in control.

The Aquarius Smart Home Video Doorbell allows its users to easily communicate with delivery personnel, visitors at the door while they may be in another part of the house or while away from the house completely. The device is fitted with a loudspeaker and microphone allowing the user to have a two-way conversation with the outside guest via the intercom system. This is done from the ease of the smartphone app from wherever the user may be.
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Real-time notification.

The device uses the latest technology to deliver the user control of their home exterior at any given time. Notifications will be sent via the app when the doorbell is rung or the motion detection sensors have been triggered. When this happens an image of the trigger object is sent to the user for their information and inspection, thus empowering them to make an informed decision about the security of their home. 

All round compatibility.

The Aquarius Smart Home Video Doorbell prides itself on its large support system for various smart devices. Whether the user is connecting with an ios or Android operating system the doorbell will seamlessly connect and communicate with these supported formats, offering ease of installation and use to all its users.