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The P2P Advantage.

With the use of WIFI Aquarius has included powerful P2P technology that allows the Smart CCTV Camera to establish a direct connection to smart devices via a dedicated visual app. Download the Smart CCTV Camera Application and enjoy real-time video uploads from wherever you are. The freedom of minute by minute viewing empowers the user with invaluable knowledge of what is happening in their home at any given time. 

Enhanced video.

The Aquarius Smart CCTV camera offers an essential service of sense of security and safety. Our team has equipped the camera with high spec HD recording technology able to capture video in 1280x720 resolution at 15fps. The recordings are saved to the device on a supported MicroSD Card format with the maximum capacity of 128GB. With the convenience of the user experience in mind, Aquarius has included auto-recording options within the CCTV Camera with added timeline features to make sorting video files easier.
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Voice and Mic 

control reimagined.

Imagine the ability to comfort an anxious pet while on the journey home, or sing to and monitor a child or loved one while in your home office a few feet away. All of this is possible with the Smart CCTV Camera’s full-duplex speech function. Operating with the use of two connected and supported devices, the speech feature allows the user to speak through the device using the built-in microphone and loud speaker components. In addition to this, the Smart CCTV Camera supports voice talkback. 

Real time motion 

detection & alerts.

Our motion detection and alerts feature allow the user to have peace of mind about activities happening in their home. Whether a child is restless in their sleep, a puppy is being potty trained or movement occurs unexpectedly Aquarius is there to help. Once the Smart CCTV Camera’s motion detectors are activated the camera will automatically capture an image of the space. This image is then immediately sent to the connected smartphone device through the App, informing the user of any movement triggering the sensors. 
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Night vision.

The Aquarius Smart CCTV Camera is designed for varying available light situations including low light conditions. Our night vision mode enables infrared LED coverage in situations with low visibility, in these cases the video recording will appear as black and white files. This feature provides the ability to record 24/7, 365 regardless of the lighting challenges.

Convenient compatibility.

The Aquarius Smart CCTV Camera inspired by the needs of our users, with this in mind we aim to create a product that is supported and compatible with as many devices as possible. 
The Smart CCTV Camera is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems, as well as most WIFI frequencies.