Plug in Himalayan Night light


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– A LED Himalayan salt lamp light
– A decorative lamp made of Himalayan salt crystals
– A hole is drilled into the bottom center of the rock where a light bulb is inserted.
– When the rock is heated by the warmth of the bulb, the salt naturally emits negative ions
which help purify the air in your home by binding with the positive ions of pollutants like dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, and other allergens.
– Air purification
– Reduction in electromagnetic radiation and airborne infections
– Eases Asthma and allergy symptoms
– Mood booster and sleep promoter

– The light color is warm and can be controlled through a dimmer function
– Salt lamp will produce a salt aerosol, which is helpful for the treatment of respiratory disease
– After repeated deliquescence and evaporation, the salt lamp will release some sodium anion. which is beneficial for the purification of air.

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