Finger Oximeter pulse SPO2 & heart rate monitor white – batteries, Holster in SILICONE of TRANSPORT-storage-PROTECTION and INSTRUCTIONS included – widescreen LED, anti-shaking, 6 Display Modes, adjustable alarm value – fast, clear and precise!

Description :Easy to use, simply insert a finger (of preference index) into the Pulse Oximeter and then press the button to activate the device. Featuring a light emitting diode led, it parses and displays the percentage of saturation oxygen in blood SpO2 so the value of heart rate (pulse), the results are updated every second. The brightness of the screen is also adjustable. Read the SPO2 oxygen saturation rate and pulse is always easy. Compact and lightweight, this Pulse Oximeter is easily transportable! It will turn off automatically after 8 seconds if no finger is inserted.
Content :Product delivered in its packing carton, with 2 batteries AAA 1, 5V and a silicone case to protect it, store it and transport.Instruction manual in English.

Features:Monitor SpO2 and pulse display shaped wave or chart bar (6 modes to choose) – low energy consumption, working continuously for 50 hours – small, light and easy to transport – low alarmtension adjustable, automatic power – off works with 2 standard AAA batteries.

Precautions for use :Avoid using a Pulse Oximeter in the presence of a too intense light (sunlightor under strong light) as this can disrupt the infrared sensor and cause false results. Small, lightweight and easy to carry thanks to its silicone box included and available!Screen led colors including 6 display modes in the form of figures, curves or bar charts. Device self-diagnosis simple to use for clear, precise and immediate reading in real time in all situations and circumstances. Setting the alarm for voltage indicator. Analysis precisely in the SpO2 blood oxygen saturation and heart rate (pulse).




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