• 24 hour heart rate monitor (wrist-based rate tracking).

• Health monitoring: real-time heart rate measurement, dynamic, Static, blood pressure measurement and bloæ oxygen measurement.

• Records over 8 different kinds Of sports in iYs multi-sport including running, cycling, swimming, walking, etc.

• All day activity tracking (your steps, distance, calories.

• Auto sleep tracking (automatically tracks how long and how well you slept, deep sleep, light sleep).

• Pedometer, smart reminder, custom alarm reminder, sedentary reminder, call reminder, music controller, message alert: SMS, alarm clock, device anomaly, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, SnapChat as well as anti-lost reminder.

• Pedometer O —99999 steps
• Distance display 0—99.99 Km “000
• Calories 0—9999 kcal

Black, Silver

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