AQ125 HR


Aquarius wants to inspire its users to push themselves to excel in any and every physical activity they undertake, even when walking to the bus stop, popping to the shops for milk or walking around the house. The pedometer and calorie burning calculator offers continuous counts while the user carries on with their daily tasks, offering them a summary of steps taken and calories burnt at the end of each day. 

 – Track steps, calories burned, distance travelled and active minutes, automatically from the tracker itself. Set yourself personalised targets, and when you reach them your Aquarius tracker will vibrate to let you know. The accompanying app with help you analyse your activity in greater detail from the convenience of your smartphone.

  • – Automatically track your heart rate as it changes through the day to get a better understanding of your health and fitness levels. Understand your resting heart rate and gauge how quickly your rate returns to resting levels after exercise, and use this to set goals to further enhance your overall fitness levels.
  • – Select from 14 different exercise modes to get a more accurate and detailed assessment of your activity. Activities include running, walking, cycling, hiking, yoga, climbing, skipping, football, tennis, dancing, basketball, and dancing.
  • – Connect to your smartphone to see real time statistics including a map of your route, distance, calories, pace, average heart rate and heart rate zone graphs.
  • – Stay connected to your smartphone with incoming call alerts, text messages, notifications from WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc, as well as calendar reminders, all from the convenience of your wrist.

Box Contents:
– One Aquarius AQ125HR Fitness Tracker
– One Charging cable 
– One User Guide

Black, Blue, Purple, Red

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