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AQ125 HR the latest 

in epic fitness tech.

from £14.90
Training & Sports Mode

Training mode allows the user to choose training options, whether it be walking, running, biking, hiking, treadmill etc. Sports mode offers the user information about their BPM, Pedometer count, calories burnt, distance and pace.

Remote control
Camera Mode

The camera mode enables the user to use their smart tracker as a remote camera, this is done through the ‘VeryFitPro’ App which needs to be set to allow access to the devices camera.

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The Notification mode, once initiated allows the user to receive alerts and push notifications straight to their smart tracker, the user will be notified when receiving an incoming call as well as text messages.

Time & Alarm Mode

Time mode functions as a tradition digital watch. Alarm mode offers the user the ability to set exercise alarms within the ‘VeryFitPro’ App.

The AQ125 HR Smart Tracker serves the essential function of offering 24 hour Hear Rate Monitoring during workouts over and above all the other valuable functions mentioned. 
This is done through wrist-based electrode sensors that pick up each heartbeat and display the data as beats per minute. 
Let us motivate you.
With GPS connection to your smartphone, the Smart Tracker will send live updates of real-time running statistics, information like pace and distance as well as a map of your route post workout. Aquarius has ensured all major devices are compatible, such as IOS and Android operating systems for the users' convenience. A premiere feature is that all progress and statistic are gathered in the ‘VeryFitPro’ App presenting the user with the power to see improvements over longer periods of time.  
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Keeping track.
Aquarius wants to inspire its users to push themselves to excel in any and every physical activity they undertake, even when walking to the bus stop, popping to the shops for milk or walking around the house. The pedometer and calorie burning calculator offers continuous counts while the user carries on with their daily tasks, offering them a summary of steps taken and calories burnt at the end of each day. 
Specs that impress.
The Aquarius 125HR Smart Tracker promises phenomenal and performance driven spec in the form of V4.0 Smart Bluetooth technology offering unparalleled connectivity. Adding to this a 0.96inch OLED screen face, a battery powered at 65mAh boasting 5-7 days standby power as well as a device charging time of as little as one and a half hours. The Aquarius 125HR also offers a camera which is connected to and accessible via the App as well as incoming calls and text notifications. In addition to this, the 125HR Smart Tracker is also sweat and splash proof. All of this packed into a vibrant, impactful and energetic design makes the 125hr the perfect fitness partner.
Awake while you sleep.
Aquarius’s Smart Tracker offers the remarkable feature of sleep monitoring as a signature feature of the 125HR Smart device. Able to track sleeping patterns in the amount of sleep as well as the quality of sleep the user is receiving, the 125HR is sure to exceed all user expectations again and again.