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Exceptional design surrounding powerful capabilities.

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mm Tempered glass

Individual profiles

Data functions

Kg Capacity

Smart Connection.
The Aquarius 9 in 1 Smart Scale has been suitably adapted to connect with both IOS and Android operating systems through its innovative Bluetooth function. This feature makes it a hassle-free powerhouse of essential and informative data about the health and wellbeing of the user and their loved ones. Simply download the App ‘KeepFit’ for an up to date timeline of weighing in data. 
Understanding your body.
Aquarius has developed a product to inspire, impress and empower a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle. We understand that to truly achieve these goals the user first needs to understand the basic metrics of their body, information such as the body weight, body fat content, water content as well as age of the individual. With this data, the user can make informed decisions about their health and fitness routine.

Ease of use.

The 9 in 1 Smart Scale has been developed to include a responsive step on technology allowing the user to step onto the scale and receive information immediately without having to tap the device on first. Similarly, the Smart Scale intuitively powers off to conserve battery life and energy. Adding to this the design includes a unit button allowing the user to conveniently switch between weight measuring modes.
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Elegant design.

The Aquarius 9 in 1 Scale presents impressive spec from start to finish, promising a positive and lasting user experience. The quality of design and build is seen clearly in the 6mm tempered safety glass platform as well as the generous 73mm x 29mm LCD screen communicating all required figures. Capacity is set at 180kg/396lb and the product is ready to be enjoyed with just two AAA batteries. 
Part of the family.
Aquarius understands that the 9 in 1 Smart Scale is often used by multiple members of a household and thus has made allowances to retrieve and conserve data for up to 8 individuals. This is done through four contact sensors that instantly identify the individuals' profile using data such as their height, age and sex. Now everyone can join in the health revolution!
Knowledge is power.
Over and above the standard body information provided, the Aquarius 9 in 1 Smart Scale equips the user with further knowledge about their bone mass, muscle mass, BMI (Body Mass Index), BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) as well as their visceral fat content. These figures are invaluable in helping better understand the body and what the body needs to obtain optimal health and fitness.