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The backpack that offers versatility, security and 

user-centred design.

Safe and Sound
The all-new Aquarius Anti-Theft Backpack offers peace of mind in its various safety and security measures. A key component of its ability to do so is the built-in exterior combination lock. This allows the user to place their valuables in the bag, then simply align the zip pieces to the combination lock openings, clip them into the visible slots and scramble the code numbers. When wanting to open the bag again the user would need to enter their unique code (initially the code is 000) and the lock will release the zip pieces. The comfort of security at your fingertips.
180 degrees of convenience
The backpack also benefits from the ability for it to open a full 180 degrees, this allows organizing, accessing and packing its contents with ease and timesaving visibility. The interior design offers small, medium and large compartment sizes, ideal for stationary, notepads and laptops etc. Adding to this is the exterior holding band, perfectly suited to aid in placing the backpack on larger luggage pulling handles and securing it into place. 
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Security by your side

Safety is seen as the major priority in the backpacks overall usage design where access to the bag is gained through the back outer seam of the bag, closest to the users' body. This provides added security in the inability for a passer-by to simply zip a compartment open and gives the user confidence that the contents are secure on their person.

On the go power and connectivity, 24/7.

The Backpack also offers heightened usability through its user-centred design specifications. This is evident in the convenient USB cable port found on the side exterior of the bag. Simply run your power banks cable to the port inside the bag itself, secure it into the holder and plug your phone cable in on the other side and you are good to go!

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Highlighted Visibility 
Another feature highlighting the user-centred design approach is the thin safety reflection band seen on the front of the backpack, this can potentially aid surrounding vehicles in their ability to see and steer clear of the user on a bicycle or as a pedestrian etc. 
Variety to suit your lifestyle

The Anti-Theft Backpack is offered to the user in a variety of different colours, ranging from blue, red, grey and black to provide the luxury of choice while still being safe and secure.